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Kierstin Henrickson, Studio Director  and Teacher

In 1999,  Kierstin went to her first ‘Hot Yoga’ class. The challenge that the practice presented, brought her body, mind, and connection to spirit, back into sync. And honestly after class, she felt like she could conquer the world, and walk on clouds.  Completing the Moksha Yoga training in 2006, and in the years of teaching following training in Toronto, Kierstin has learned from a wild ride of life experiences, working in many fields from Photography, retail, vegetarian cook, gardener, nanny, and more.  Influenced by Mother Nature, B.K.S. Iyengar, Judith Lasatar, Caroline Myss,  the Buddha, as well as trained with renowned teachers such as Anodea Judith, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Noah Levine, Goenka.Kierstin teaches from a place of authenticity and love, when she remembers how much of a positive impact even just one yoga class can have on someone; How our lives can be so busy, and if we can bring it simply back to breath, we can find more room in our hearts.


Andrew Jobes


Andrew discovered Moksha as a guest on a friend’s pass in January 2013 and fell instantly in love with everything about it – its teachers, its physicality and mindfulness, the community feel of the studio. He had previously practiced Ashtanga and Kundalini.  Yoga has provided him with the mental, physical, and emotional support he’s needed to get through life’s challenges, and he decided to become a Moksha teacher so that he can offer that gift to anyone who walks through the door.  He completed his Moksha teacher training in October 2013 in Montreal and is now registered as an RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance.

Off the mat, Andrew is a Reiki practitioner and entrepreneur.  He’s also a doting partner and step-dad (“Dadoo”), a freelance ornithologist who does contract bird surveys and teaches bird watching courses, a writer/editor and book lover, and a student of life who is always seeking deeper meaning and connection to himself, to nature, and to his community.


Marsha Roscoe


Yoga can be done just as much off the mat as on, according to Marsha. Her training includes:
-200 hour Hatha certificate (Canadian Yoga Alliance)
-500 hour Moksha Yoga certificate, 200 hour Vinyasa certificate and 200 hour Advanced Training
She recently graduated school as a registered massage therapist. With an educational
background in social work and psychology.  By taking a holistic approach, Marsha is always looking for opportunities to expand her practice both as a student and as a teacher. She has a strong interest in meditation, and thinks that Sangha (community) is one of the best things about our studio.



Jodie Graham


After spending several years as a synchronized swimmer and long distance runner, Jodie came to Moksha with hopes of relieving some of the pain caused by injuries from those sports. What she found was so much more than that. She fell in love with practicing in the heat, with the predictable series of postures, the constant physical and mental challenge, and most of all the community.  Jodie has a passion for healthy, green living and with a strong desire to help others find this in their lives she decided to enroll in teacher training and now loves teaching and plans on doing it forever.


Laura Martin


Laura came to Peterborough via Montreal in 2000. She feels at her best
when being active. Friends call her the energizer bunny. Her physically
active lifestyle started in 2002 after learning of health issues. Having lived
with weight issues her whole life she committed to learning about fitness and
nutrition, lost over 100lbs and was excited about her new lifestyle. Practicing
Yoga in a gym setting had always been part of Laura’s fitness regime.
Laura believes her chance encounter with owner of Moksha Yoga
Peterborough was the catalyst to the next chapter in her ever changing life.
March 2011 Laura participated in her first Hot Yoga class. The meaning of
yoga became more apparent. Commitment to a regular practice Laura began
to incorporate Yoga philosophy and teaching into her daily life and
experienced fist hand the benefits a regular practice can bring to a person’s
life. Benefits that go beyond the physical level. Peace of mind, physical
healing, and spiritual awakening became part of her journey.
Laura passionately believes Yoga is for all ages, body types and levels. She
realized that helping others was her calling and became more aware of the
importance of self care and her dream was to share the full yogic experience
with others. Her dream came true in 2014 when she completed the Moksha
Yoga teacher training. In 2017 Laura experienced another dream, travelling
to India for a month to continue the path of self discovery. Laura channels
her wisdom & passion into her teaching, sharing her own self discovery with
her students. Laura has taken additional training in Yin and Restorative
Total body and spiritual awareness is her philosophy. Allowing space and
time for whatever is meant to be. Laura embraces living in the moment and
each day as a student of life living her true authentic self. A strong believer
in Community service Laura also works as a Social Service worker and is
Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Peterborough Yoga Festival.
Laura is an avid cat lover and devoted parent to her daughters Piper and
“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything”, and
between the two my life moves.
Until we meet on the mat


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